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Benoit Regulatory Compliance assists oil and gas companies in their reservoir management strategies by preplanning and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

As leaders of the Regulatory Applications group at Fekete Associates Inc., Jason Benoit and Robyn Swanson are recognized experts in the field of regulatory compliance. Along with their staff, who were also part of the original Fekete group, they have over 50 years of combined experience.

Beginning in 2000 at Fekete, Jason and Robyn were responsible for thousands of successful applications submitted to energy regulators. They also supported their clients with expert witness testimony at regulatory hearings. In 2013, Fekete was acquired by IHS. In 2015, IHS eliminated the regulatory consulting service from its portfolio, and Benoit Regulatory Compliance commenced business shortly thereafter. With the support of IHS, all clients experienced a seamless transition to the new company.

Since its inception, Benoit has expanded their core business of regulatory applications into areas such as Integrated Compliance Management and Liability Management Rating Audits. They are regulatory industry advocates and continuously work with energy regulators to find solutions which benefit the entire industry. Clients value the regulatory expertise and experience that Benoit Regulatory Compliance brings to the Canadian industry.

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Robyn is the Senior Technical Advisor of Benoit Regulatory Compliance and founding partner.


 In addition to overseeing thousands of applications, she has also rectified numerous compliance related issues. Previous industry experience includes developing and teaching Petroleum Engineering courses, business development and exploitation, well test analysis, and preparing AER and Alberta Environment filings for large oil and gas producers. Her extensive knowledge and expertise has made her a recognized expert in regulatory and compliance related issues.

Robyn is a member in good standing of APEGA and ASET.



Jason is the President of Benoit Regulatory Compliance.


He previously managed the Regulatory Applications team at IHS Fekete where he was responsible for incoming project work, business development and advising operators on a variety of regulatory matters pertaining to oil and gas reservoir management. Jason continues to work with regulators to find solutions that not only benefit individual operators, but the entire industry as well. His extensive knowledge of regulatory compliance has made him a recognized expert in the field.


Jason is a member in good standing of ASET.

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