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Well Test Analysis

Our Well Test Analysis service provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of the reservoir and its production potential through the interpretation of pressure transient data. With unparalleled experience and knowledge, we have the capability to handle any type of scenario. Our well testing services include design and analysis.

Our staff can assist your company with the:

  • Design and analysis of multi/single point flow and buildup, DFIT’s, injection and falloff, DST, and perforation inflow tests

  • Determination of near wellbore reservoir parameters (permeability, skin, fracture parameters)

  • Estimation of reservoir pressure, distances to reservoir boundaries, and/or heterogeneities

  • Prediction of deliverability potential at various flowing conditions

  • Recommend potential stimulation (for damaged wells) or optimization candidates (utilizing tubing performance curves and liquid lift calculations)

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Reza is the Manager of Well Test Analysis with Benoit Regulatory Compliance and brings extensive experience to the Benoit team. With a career spanning 30 years, he has expertise in the areas of well test design, supervision, and analysis, as well as production testing and production optimization. He is also experienced in coordinating multi-well testing projects, which include equipment procurement, scheduling, 24-hour supervision, data validation, and analysis. He has conducted on-site supervision of well tests and pressure surveys and has supported both local and international clients.

Reza holds a Diploma in Petroleum Engineering Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute in Technology (SAIT), Calgary, Canada, and is a member in good standing of the Alberta Society of Engineering Technologists (ASET).

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