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Regulatory Applications

Benoit assists oil and gas companies in their reservoir management plans by pre-planning and obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Clients value the regulatory expertise and experience that the Benoit team offers in the following areas:

  • Acid Gas Disposal Applications

  • Approval Transfers

  • Commingling Applications

  • Compulsory Pooling Applications

  • Concurrent Production (CCP) Applications

  • Directive 051 Submissions

  • Disposal Schemes

  • Enhanced Recovery Schemes

  • Gas Allowable Applications

  • Gas-Oil Ratio Penalty Relief Applications

  • Good Production Practice (GPP) Applications

  • Maximum Wellhead Injection Pressure Increases

  • Off-Target Penalty Applications and Responses

  • Pool Delineation Applications

  • Special MRL Applications

  • Special Well Spacing / Holding Applications

  • Voluntary Self Disclosure Applications

  • Voidage Replacement Ratio Amendments

  • Directive 056 Licensing

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