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Discover the future of regulatory compliance and industry-specific insights with Benoit 24/7, the pioneering AI platform tailored for the Western Canadian oil & gas sector. Benoit 24/7 is designed to effortlessly guide clients through the complex landscape of regulations, providing instant access to the most current and comprehensive information on regulatory compliance and operational guidelines. But it doesn't stop there; Benoit 24/7 also delivers a wealth of Benoit-specific insights, from company policies to innovative practices, ensuring that clients have all the resources they need to navigate the industry with confidence. Benoit 24/7 is your 24-hour gateway to success in the Western Canadian oil & gas industry.  Free for Benoit+ subscribers!


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Benoit 24/7

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With over 50 years of combined experience, the staff of Benoit are recognized experts in the field of regulatory compliance. We are regulatory industry advocates and continuously work with energy regulators to find solutions which benefit the entire industry. Clients value the regulatory expertise and experience that Benoit Regulatory Compliance brings to the Canadian industry

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